Random facts about me…

Getting to know Jules

  • Growing up I wanted to be either David Attenborough, British explorer Isabella Lucy Bird, Robinson Cruseau …. or James Bond (how does one go about applying to be a 007?)
  • I love, love, love Earl Grey tea and can drink it by the bucketload
  • I prefer white wine over red… unless it’s a good Port, alongside a stinky cheese board
  • I prefer the outdoors to the sofa
  • I swear like a sailor
  • I was a fairly decent volleyball player when I was younger
  • My favourite movies are Top Gun and Jungle Book
  • I’ve worked as a fitness coach at Yale University in Connecticut
  • I have a tendency to just say it how it is, which can sometimes get me in trouble
  • I cook a damn good British roast dinner
  • My favourite book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
  • Hearing a fart always makes me giggle
  • I love Orchids and Daisies
  • I’m not good with stupid
  • I’m a competent horse rider