My story

Hi, I’m Jules. Welcome to Oh My Ramblings!

Have you thought ‘It’s too late to pack up and live the life of my dreams,’ to think ‘to hell with it’ and book that flight?

Damn right it’s not too late, you’ve gotta just go for it.

I figure you get one shot at life, and I don’t want to be left with ‘what if’? So, September 2017 at age 46 with an insatiable need to stick two fingers up to society and go see the world, I sold my apartment, donated all my ‘stuff’, quit my job and booked a one way ticket to India … scary and exciting in the same measure, but if I want to find out what my purpose in life is, I’m not going to do it sat in an office working 9-5.

I’m originally from Guernsey, an island of 25 square miles and with a population of around 63,000, situated between south of England and France. I had a childhood spent playing on the beaches, net fishing in the rock pools, sneaking into the fields to make hay bale dens or wandering through the quiet lanes on my horse. I have wonderful childhood memories of being engrossed in the pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the National Geographic magazines, reading about far away lands, looking at maps and wishing I was in the pictures.

I was lucky enough to go backpacking in my 20’s on a round-the-world ticket and I am very fortunate to have lived and worked in the USA for 5 years. However, nothing has quashed my thirst to see the world and be that person in the pictures.

I’m not about ticking top tourist sites off a list, my dream has always been to explore this amazing world, immerse myself in a myriad of cultures, relish serendipitous moments, chill with the locals and live my life, my way, not just follow society’s well-beaten conventional path. My mission is to inspire you to step out of the norm, explore the world, live and breathe an assortment of cultures and to encourage you to open up to the endless possibilities of what you can achieve if you just go for it. Even if you do so through my eyes during your lunch hour at work!

I believe in happen-chance and that as long as I live life how I want to, I will find my ‘happy’ and what will be will be! I’m looking forward to the nomadic life of a traveler, sharing my escapades, adventures and misadventures from a life of travel and a bucket list of places that keeps on growing.

I welcome you aboard for the journey…


Quote; ‘I didn’t come this far, to only come this far’.

The Guet pine forest, Guernsey