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Travel and the honeymoon phase

7th February 2018
Travel to Querim Beach, North Goa

Easy to relax on peaceful Querim Beach, North Goa


It’s been just over three months of full time travel …….. and my love affair with this chapter of my life has been invigorating!

January has already gone and my 2018 travels have begun in the most relaxed way. I saw in the New Year and my birthday in the vibrant popular tourist destination and travelers party haven Arambol, North Goa.

With a wonderful free spirited hippie-type vibe Arambol is a place where you easily get swallowed up in the laid back lifestyle and find that you have suddenly stayed for a lot longer than you anticipated. My planned 2 weeks has already turned into 5 weeks and I’m now calling my wonderful guest house ‘home’. However, beach life certainly doesn’t lend itself to being productive, hence the radio silence with the blog, social media etc.

Sounds crazy to you lovely people reading this blog, but I kinda needed to stop and take a holiday …. please don’t hate me for that statement. I know how blessed I am to be leading this lifestyle I have chosen for myself. So I have given myself a bit of a talking to, pulled my finger out of the proverbial and fired up the trusty laptop.

I’ve been reading lots of travelers’ blogs lately to get some writing inspiration. I have total admiration for their hard work and dedication to their passion of traveling and writing. Almost every day they are posting their latest pics, that arguably wouldn’t look out of place in the travel section of National Geographic or the fashion section of Vogue. Writing wonderful blog posts about their seemingly glamorous jet-setting life and exciting adventures in foreign lands. They make it look so effortless, banging out one great blog post after another and taking pics that world class photographers would be proud of.

The reality of life on the road is somewhat different and I’m sure they all started with similar feelings of ‘crap, this is more work than I envisioned’.

As a newbie on the outskirts of the blogger world I now appreciate that they work really bloody hard at what they do.  I remember from previous long term traveling that the honeymoon phase will waiver. The mind will crave some sort of routine and that’s where my blogging will become my passionate affair to my steady travel relationship. I say that statement fully aware that I’m going to have to put a hell of a lot of time and effort into making it anywhere close to the inspirational bloggers out there.

Right now, like the early days of a new relationship, I’m enjoying the intoxicating lust for my new travel lifestyle, but I vow to find my blogging rhythm amidst my new mind-blowing love affair 🙂

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Travel to Arambol Beach

Everyday sights on a morning wander along Arambol beach