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October 2017

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A grand adventure is about to begin…

10th October 2017

Sold everything, bought the one way ticket.

The thing that scares me the most is the age old adage of coming to the end and having regrets. So this next chapter of my life is me letting go of society’s expectation of what is deemed a normal life, taking the leap and living my life, my way.

September 2017 saw me quit my job, sell my apartment, my jeep, all my belongings and deal with leaving family and friends to prepare myself for a life of travel – all quite scary, but also very liberating.

I did the usual round-the-world backpacking trip over 20 years ago (wow, where did those years go!) where I bought the standard RTW ticket, followed the usual backpacker route, had to find a payphone to call home, posted the rolls of film home to be developed and actually put pen to postcard to keep people up to date on my travels. Times have certainly changed, I now have the latest MacBook Pro, a dual sim mobile phone, a Go-Pro Hero 5, a Ricoh GRii camera and all the social media platforms one now uses to stay in touch or post your latest ‘selfie’!

In life we sometimes just go through the motions, acclimatised to the day-to-day hum drum that our life has become. I want to feel alive and excited by life and new experiences and not have my inner voice questioning my purpose for being on this earth, wondering if this is my lot in life. I’m going to follow my dream of venturing to far flung corners of the earth, find out for myself what this amazing planet and its inhabitants has to offer, wake up each day with a childlike wonder and excitement for the unknown. And through my journey across the miles, my inner voice will calm it’s restless chatter and I’ll truly be satisfied with my lot.

Yes, I am nervous about what a life on the road will be like, but I’m more nervous about what my life will be if I don’t take that first flight and just go for it.

Life is short and it’s time for a new adventure, so buckle up and join me for the ride.